Unified Energy Solutions preferred battery combines its modular lithium-ion automated assembly design with advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS) electronics to provide the widest range of automotive and powersports batteries available worldwide. Our energy system, internal to the battery case, places an unused vehicle battery into ‘sleep mode’, with a reserve energy preserved sufficient to provide 2 to 3 restarts after the battery is reactivated. We offer various remote-controlled user interfaces to ‘wake’ the battery up.

As a result of our products’ thermal management engineering, Unified Energy Solutions’ batteries operate at higher temperatures than typical Lithium-Ion batteries. This makes our batteries durable and reliable – a necessity in automotive power. That means that our batteries are both high energy for cranking/starting and stronger for reserve energy power – enabling our batteries to give automobiles stronger engine spark and heightened electronics performance. Our resistance to harmful ‘voltage sag’ enable auto makers to employ engine start-stop methods without resorting to heavy AGM batteries weighing up to 80 pounds.

Unified Energy Solutions Battery combines power, cycle life and safety to make our products suitable for a variety of automotive applications.

High quality batteries with energy adapted to suit specific needs is at a premium in today’s market.

At Unified Energy Solutions Battery, you can choose from first-class custom-built products that are tailored to your specifications. That means we can create energy solutions of any shape, energy level and size. We offer power solutions that are viable in a variety of types, capabilities, temperature ranges, sizes and configurations. Whether it’s a basic system with well-balanced compositions or a variety of components that Unified Energy Solutions Battery offers – you can find a solution that fits your needs. Our customized solutions give you batteries that behave in any way you see fit. Whether you’re looking for something for your next camping/backpack excursion or powering an inverter for household use, Unified Energy Solutions Battery can provide you with what you need – when you need it.

No matter what you’re looking for, you can expect the following from Unified Energy Solutions Battery’s customized solutions:

A battery that will be 4 to 7 times lighter than any other battery on the market
A battery that charges 3 to 4 times faster than any other battery on the market
Perfect voltage that increases the quality of the energy being fed to your application
A battery that enhances the life expectancy of your product

That means that you can find a solution for any product, anytime.