Steve Farkas

CEO, Managing Director

Steven Farkas had been active in a family owned Real Estate development and construction business since the age of 17, in 1967 in the New York tri-state area and then additionally in Florida since 1990. In the 1980’s Mr. Farkas owned and operated a multi branch ERA Realty Franchise as well as a multi-office Real Estate Mortgage origination and finance company. He has secured and developed business opportunities as well as assisting in securing start up, developmental and expansion financing for qualifying companies.

In 2002 Mr. Farkas was instrumental in the formation of a green energy company in South Florida, focusing on retrofitting antiquated lighting systems to more energy efficient designs. He acquired a company in Tampa, FL in 2004 with proprietary technology in the a/c arena which involved increases of a/c efficiencies using geo-thermal technology for the private home user that was simply “before it’s time”. Knowledge gained from this early exposure to more efficient lighting and a/c technologies was the beginning of a quest for energy conservation technologies to improve the sustainability of the global environment while making it financially viable for the consumer and the financial community.

His collective knowledge base along with his vision of an Energy Efficient and Sustainable World has led to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream; bringing the right mix of green/alternative energy technologies, along with financing, to provide clients, be they private, corporate or governmental, with the ability to incorporate the latest environmentally sound practices and technologies into their long term clean energy environmental goals with the creation of Unified Energy Solutions, Inc. Where Energy Conservation Meets Green Energy Production for the Betterment of All Mankind.

Tom Cernera


Mr. Cernera is a tireless advocate for solar technology and American Energy Independence. Until recently, Tom Cernera has held executive level positions with a pair of American photovoltaic module manufacturers. As Vice President of Sales for Off Grid Solar he introduced clients to large scale utility projects using non-silicon based (CIGS) modules. He also he held the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Blue Chip Energy, Advanced Solar Photonics, and a manufacturer of silicon based solar modules and the first solar electric utility company on the east coast. He pioneered and perfected the concept of direct to consumer sales of packaged PV systems for residential use.

Tom Cernera’s executive level management expertise spans over 30 years with global companies and has been responsible for: National Manufacturing, National Sales Groups and Large Distributor Networks. He has successfully penetrated new markets on a global scale and has helped his distributors and other sales professionals gain a foothold in formally unapproachable markets. He is an expert in startup sales operations and technical sales development. In 2009 he completed NABCEP and IREC accredited programs in Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Technology. He is also a licensed Realtor with expertise in land acquisition, land leases and complex real estate investment strategies.

Richard J. Uss

Chief Financial Officer

Richard J. Uss is the Chief Financial Officer at Unified Energy Solutions, Inc. Prior to joining Unified Energy Solutions, Mr. Uss was a Project Director and Senior Staff Executive for the May Company. The company assists small and medium sized businesses in the US and Canada by controlling costs and increasing productivity with specialties in corporate turnaround, profit optimization, organizational management and succession planning. He is certified as a Quickbooks-Pro Advisor.

Mr. Uss was a Founding Director and EVP of the Florida Export Finance Corporation where he developed financing structures, underwriting for all programs of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. as a certified City/State Partner. He defined Credit, Administrative and Operational policy from inception.

Mr. Uss has an extensive international and domestic banking career, initially in New York Security Pacific International and in Florida with Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and Southeast Bank. He graduated Manhattan College and St John’s University with degrees in Economics and Finance. For six years he was an adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College developing and teaching courses in Trade Finance, International Marketing and International Economics.

Licensed to practice real estate in Florida, Mr. Uss was active in the international community serving on the Boards of the World Trade Center, Miami, The Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), The Florida Exporters and Importers Association (FEIA), The Florida Foreign Trade Association (FFTA), The U. S. District Council and the Advisory Board of the Private Export Funding Corporation (PEFCO) in NYC. He also served as a member of the trade finance committees for the Banker’s Association for Foreign Trade (BAFT) and the Coalition for Employment thru Exports (CEE) in Washington D. C.

Jonathan Frankfort

Executive VP

Jonathan (Jono) Frankfort has spent the past 21 years in the MRO industries culminating with the 13 year ownership of J Lamp Inc. serving the South Florida marketplace. Prior to arriving in Florida in 1988, Mr. Frankfort was Sales Manager for the US division of LEE Motion Picture Lighting & Grip Equipment Rental Co., Director of Operations at Silvercup Studios, NY and Dive Supervisor/Diver for OffShore Diving & Salvage of Port Arthur, TX.

With 40+ years of P&L, Sales, Management, Technical and Operational expertise, Jono brings his talents to providing clients with the greatest level of sustainable energy conservation possible. The ability to bring together various proven and documented technologies in both energy conservation and alternative energy production, brings a level of personal and global benefit with value orders of magnitude beyond price.

Carlos M. Gonzalez

Director of Project Financing

Carlos M. Gonzalez has joined Unified Energy Solutions as our Director of Project Finance.

Previously the Business Development Director for SFINKX Corporation dba BlueChip Energy, LLC, the company was a manufacturer of high tech industrial laser equipment and photovoltaic solar panels. Mr. Gonzalez is a native of Cuba, graduated from Portland State University with degrees in International Business Administration, Marketing and Latin America Studies. He also attended the United States Army Command and General Staff College, and numerous other military and banking schools. A retired Major from the U.S. Army, Mr. Gonzalez served in the Combat Military Police in two wars, receiving the Bronze Star Medal and numerous other awards. Mr. Gonzalez has an extensive international and domestic banking career, initially in Oregon with Wells Fargo Bank, and later in Florida with SunTrust, Regions Bank, Popular Community Bank and Fifth Third Bank. He is a certified lender by the Export Import Bank of the United States, an investments Registered Paraplanner, and licensed to transact insurance in Florida. For seven years, Mr. Gonzalez was an Adjunct Professor of International Finance at the University of Central Florida. He is very active in several civic and professional organizations, currently serving as a Director of the World Trade Center Orlando, and as a volunteer sailing instructor for the non-for-profit Veterans Ocean Adventures.

Jerry Goldman, LC

Senior VP - Lighting Division

Jerry Goldman has been working in the lighting industry since 1971.

Lighting projects designed by Jerry are mainly commercial, industrial and institutional.

Over 18 years ago, the National Council for the Qualification of Lighting Professionals (NCQLP) was formed through a joint effort of the US government and the top leaders of the Illuminating Engineering Society. This organization certifies lighting practitioners who pass specialized exams and maintain a specific level of ongoing education. Jerry has obtained the LC (Lighting Certification) from this organization in the year it first issued certification and have maintained it since then. Jerry is also a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society.

Bruce Benson

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Benson’s background includes education and over 40 years of experience in the fields of welding, industrial shop and automotive mechanics. He also has 20 years of experience in the computer technology industry. Bruce started a welding and fabricating of structural steel business erecting freestanding staircases that gained him the reputation as being a designer in some of the most prestigious homes on the West Coast of Florida. While designing websites, Mr. Benson became aware and interested in renewable energy industries. During that time he published web pages on solar and wind energy, which produced over 300 hits a day. He has been in communication with interested parties around the world. He has been involved in developing projects from simple personal home to commercial wind and solar projects. In 2004, Mr. Benson incorporated USA Solar & Wind, Inc. and has communicated with government, military and private sectors worldwide. He has compiled the resources and the knowledge to successfully develop renewable energy projects.

Saul Kaminsky

Director of Marketing - Northeast region

Saul Kaminsky has a long and successful history in both retail/marketing and technology related business that he either helped found or grow.

Mr. Kaminsky is currently a managing member of both OBSNY Associates LLC, a marketing and branding consultancy, as well as UESNY Associates LLC - a management consulting firm with unique connections in multiple industries - allowing it to facilitate introductions, referrals and deal making/matching in those industries as well as all others.

After a 25+ year career in the financial services industry, culminating with a senior management position at the NYSE, Mr. Kaminsky is an experienced problem solver, focused and driven by the tasks at hand and adept at growing a new and promising business into something robust and fruitful.

Mr. Kaminsky resides in Belle Harbor, NY with his partner and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.