Our conservation product offerings have been selected to provide the greatest impact on operational savings in three distinct areas.

  • LED LIGHTING CONVERSION – A proven UES conservation solution is the conversion of the clients existing incandescent, fluorescent and HID fixtures to LED light sources. UES can reduce the clients operational lighting cost by 30-60%. Not only will the direct cost of operation be reduced dramatically, but also indirect expenditures associated with inventory, storage, maintenance, safety and manpower will also be greatly reduced. UES does not represent any single brand, nor any individual manufacturer exclusively.  We provide the best products available to ensure the most cost effective solutions to reducing energy consumption and associated costs for our clients.  Lighting accounts for approximately 25-35% of an operating budget. ROI ranges from 3-5 years, with 5 years being the target maximum. Approximately 98% of all lighting projects are funded on a lease to own basis at appropriate rates, using calculated savings as a payment cap thereby eliminating any out of pocket expense. When bundled with HVAC treatment, ROI is reduced to 1.5-2.5 years.Prime Markets:  All large facility operators, Municipal buildings and roadways, Commercial and Institutional facilities, Educational facilities, Healthcare facilities, Warehousing and consolidation facilities, Supermarkets, Big Box Stores, Indoor Sports Facilities.
  • ECO Combustion Products – “ECO EFC” fuel catalyst and “NANO RESTORE” are 2 products aimed at large volume users of diesel, gasoline and heavier fuel oils. Land or sea based, stationary or mobile, the market for these products is huge and the applications unlimited. These products generate 15-20% in total cash flow savings from customers’ current fuel bills. Products are priced to capture 33% of customer fuel savings. Customers realize 10-15% net positive cash flow. These products are sold on an invoice basis at average margins of 75-80%. Due to the consumable nature of the products, long term repeat sales are expected. ECO EFC,when mixed with fuels at ratios of 1:2000 to as high as 1:6000, provides cleaner burning, cooler running, stronger, more economically operating engines with fuel consumption reduced by 5-12%. When you realize that a 1MW power-block consumes 630,000 gallons of diesel annually, and the price of off-road diesel as of this writing is $3.47, even at 5% savings that represents a savings of $109,305.00 annually.  Additionally this product has shown an even greater savings in diesel and bunker-fired boiler applications.  NANO RESTORE is an engine restorative, which uses engine oil to carry it to high friction wear areas within the engine where heat and pressure cause the patented Nano-molecular particles to plate and smooth scratched and damaged surfaces. This increases compression, reduces operating temperatures, improves overall performance, extends engine life and reduces associated maintenance costs.
    Prime Markets:  Marine Transportation; ocean, short sea, inland waterway. Land Transportation; railroad, long haul truck, school bus, municipal and industrial fleet. Power Generation; mining, port operations, primary & back up power providers. Large volume hot water consumers; commercial laundry processors, hospitals, industry.
  • Please note that currently available empirical test data and documented third party validations are from EU certified labs and testing organizations. Prior to market introduction and roll-out, UES intends that these products will have U.S. certification and independent validation.
  • When used in concert with ECO EFC overall operational costs can be reduced by 15% and more.