LED Lighting Retrofits – The following practical examples demonstrate the savings in direct operating costs obtained by converting to LED lighting sources. All calculated savings assume a $0.125/Kwh cost of power. Lifetime savings are calculated on actual lamp burn time, based on a rated 50,000 hour lamp life X 100 fixtures. Figures in red indicate current expenditures. Figures in green indicate dollars saved.


These calculations are based on a $0.125/KWh rate.
Actual Power rates vary by state/region, with the Sept, 2013 national average at $0.12/KWh.
Higher rates = higher operating costs & greater realized savings, giving client greater incentive to proceed.

Below are figures showing the totals for a small Strip Center retrofit project in Hollywood, FL.

Installed Cost $65,279.56
Sale Price $92,093.60 ROI@95%of savings 4.69
Profit $26,814.04
Proposed AnnualOperating Cost $16,069.75
Annual Savings $20,657.25
Current annual operating cost $36,727.00
The profit indicated in the above example is 29.11% net margin.
This project falls into the lease-to-own mid-term range with a 72 month payout on a 100% finance of the sale price.
Terms were calculated using 95% of the annual savings figure as a payment cap.
Monthly payments = $1,635.37 x 72 = $117,746.64. Profit to investor is $25,653.04 at 22% Net Margin.

HVAC PRODUCT – PO and 36 month mid-term finance potential exemplar




HVAC Improvement work up for Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Int’l. Airport
Based upon actual data provided by Broward County Aviation Department