At UES, our direct sales efforts are conservation driven and targeted towards clients of existing establishments looking to reduce their overall operational expenditures.

We attribute the successful development of our global sales effort to several main factors.

  • Proven Efficiencies – UES has created strategic partnerships and has MMAs with manufacturers of products, proven by independent 3rd party verification and validation to reduce operating costs and further global sustainability.
  • Purposefully Limiting Our Product Line –Our lineup of conservation products is specifically targeted to assure that our clients attain the greatest benefit for the monies expended. Having a limited number of products capable of producing major reductions in monthly energy outlay is the key.

LED lighting retrofit projects by necessity require access to the full array of available fixture and component lines in order to provide the best available solution. UES sales procedures for these projects, has the replacement selection process carried out, in house, by our staff of lighting experts.

Large volume fossil fuel users benefit from 2 ECO Power products. ECO fuel catalyst provides for up to a 15% reduction in fuel usage, while NANO Restore reconditions the engine bottom end, further reducing fuel consumption by up to 5%, while simultaneously extending engine life.