Terms of 24 to 120 months depending on credit size, credit strength, and transaction size Lease to own ($1) with 100% Financing $5,000 up to $100,000,000+ Commercial Buildings, Gas Stations, Street Lights, Municipalities, etc.

Low Tax Exempt Rates for Municipalities and States, including Non-Appropriation Clause Federal and International Financing available

PROJECT SCOPE Total Costs: Hardware Costs: Installation Costs

The Unified Energy Solutions Energy Saving Product financing program provides for up to 100% FINANCING, for those clients who qualify (with special programs for municipalities and Governments), inclusive of the cost of materials, transportation and installation.  The cost of post upgrade energy consumption, in addition to the lease payment, will never exceed the present cost of power consumption and will additionally allow for an immediate savings.

Unified Energy Solutions, through its financial partners and / or capital sources, has various financing programs with up to 100% financing available for our clients Solar / Renewable Energy project needs.

Federal / Government and International Financing available (larger transactions only)

Please contact us to discuss financing options available.