Investment opportunities associated with these technologies can be broadly divided into several categories:

Short Term                      Mid-Term             Mid to Long Term        Long Term    Life of Project

Market-rate financing                    Margin & Spread                  Negotiated and stable






Unified Energy Solutions determines the appropriate financing vehicle(s) for projects selected by our engineering staff that meets the core business strategy of the company. Depending on the location, type of energy technology selected, intended level of ownership, anticipated project return and term appetite of the potential investors, a determination will be made of the adequate level of investor capital requirement, combined with bank or other lender participation. UES negotiates with host country authorities, U.S. Exim Bank, OPIC, Export Development Corporation of Canada and banking officials to fund and mitigate the risk to the investors and reach an adequate or acceptable level of risk/reward on each project.

Investment in power generating facilities and/or operations, vary in scope and potential with each project and the investors ROI/ROE considerations. Power generators offer a variety of revenue options; mid-term equity position in a build to lease/sell with a margin buyout, or mid-term options of 5-7 years with negotiated buyouts. Long-term PPAs of 15-25 years associated with those facilities where available, can offer long term stable guaranteed profits. Equity positions on build to own projects offer long term revenue streams with cash out at sale/end of life. Due to the unique nature of each power generation project, all positions are negotiable, there is no standard template used to determine a particular investor’s ROI or ROE potential.