Investment in power generating facilities and/or operations vary in scope and potential with each project and the investors intentions. Power generators offer a variety of revenue options; mid-term equity position in a build-to-lease/sell with a margin buyout, or mid-term options of 5-7 years with negotiated buyouts. Long-term PPAs of 15-25 years associated with those facilities where available, offering long-term stable guaranteed profits. Equity positions on build-to-own for life projects offer long term revenue streams with cash out at sale/end of life. Due to the unique nature of each power generation project, there is no boilerplate template used to determine a particular investors ROI or profit potential.

UES is consistently seeking out operational, or shovel ready green energy, commercial scale and utility grade production projects; Solar, CSP, Wind, WtE and Geothermal. We also seek to acquire existing PPA’s.


A solar PV plant can be operational in as little as 6 months, with an expected production life of over 25 years.

Power Plants:       PV    CSP  WtE

Solar PV – A major growth area in renewable energy generation is solar photovoltaic energy, here the suns energy is directly converted into electrical power. Primarily used to offset utility demand during daylight (highest rate) hours, power is sold to the off-taker as negotiated. We seek out projects that return over 17% annually.

Existing 30Mw project on decommissioned military installation. Owners wish to add additional 50-60Mw on available remaining land.

Solar Thermal CSP– Harnessing the energy of the sun to produce heat and using that heat to generate power, either by producing steam, or the use of “Sterling” cycle engines to spin generators is the concept behind Concentrated Solar Power.  Add to this the ability to store that heat, allowing power to be produced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Power that is available all day, all night and up to 3 days without sunshine.  The very definition of a “Primary” power plant. Solar thermal power plants break even inside of 3 years and have a life span of 30.



Sterling engine CSP. Each unit producing 25Kw.









CSP Trough Collector

Captured heat energy is transferred to storage media allowing for continuous 24/7 power delivery.