Unified Energy Solutions is a leader in turnkey commercial and industrial solar solutions, EPC services and specifically designed Financing for solar projects in both the private and public sectors. With our strategic partners, Unified Energy Solutions delivers turnkey solar systems and operate the solar energy asset. Currently, Unified Energy Solutions is teaming with many key partners and clients to develop projects which will become profitable strategic solar assets. Our plan is to build and support a leading portfolio of commercial, industrial and utility scale solar projects throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Unified Energy Solutions has the ability to provide cost effective technology to suit the demands of any solar project. Photovoltaic panels are not suitable for every project. Unified Energy Solutions designs multi platform systems using PV, solar thermal and concentrated solar technologies. We are not restricted to a limited portfolio of ideas.  Unified Energy Solutions will design systems that deliver the highest returns and the highest productivity for their owners.

To maintain optimum performance, Unified Energy Solutions can provide ongoing O&M services delivered by highly qualified technical partners.

Unified Energy Solutions is committed to use best of class products at all times. Products from China are never used in any Unified Energy Solutions installation.


• Commercial and utility scale distributed energy systems.
• Feasibility Studies, Interconnect Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements
• Solar hot water systems for commercial and industrial processes.
• Off grid solar street lighting AND outdoor advertising (bill boards).
• Project design and EPC services.
• Project finance.
• Operation and maintenance agreements.


Any state, municipal or government agency, company, entity, developer, engineering and architectural firm or individuals with large or alternative renewable energy needs. Unified Energy Solutions clientele are those who are seeking to exit standard traditional, expensive electrical power and energy consumption. Its further objective is to target larger commercial clients with unstable and increasing energy costs, solar farm developers as well as corporate and college campuses, etc. In this regard, Unified Energy Solutions has already developed a set of strategic industry partnerships allowing it to handle this task from concept through completion and power-connect. It is the goal of Unified Energy Solutions to provide responsible planning and sound environmental solution which foster sustainable living and provide proven decreases in dependency from conventional carbon based energy sources and consumption.


Unified Energy Solutions offers solutions that are demanded by customers and are practical to implement and ensure that all of the solutions have positive economic considerations built into the respective model and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Unified Energy Solutions has identified key objectives that it will pursue:

  • Proven cost-benefit analysis and environmental approaches to industrial/residential utility provided energy consumption and the stabilization of future energy costs. This objective is not dependent on government incentives or rebates but are flexible enough to take advantage of benefits that are provided from reduced installation costs and raising energy rates.
  • Unified Energy Solutions is intent on becoming a political driver of alternative energy initiatives in the United States.
  • Integrate our products into OFF GRID & Smart Grid concepts.
  • Reduce America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy.