SOLARIS SOLAR SOLUTIONS is a leader in turnkey commercial and industrial solar solutions, EPC services and specifically designed Financing for solar projects in both the private and public sectors. With our strategic partners, SOLARIS delivers turnkey solar systems and operate the solar energy asset. Currently, Solaris is teaming with many key partners and clients to develop projects which will become profitable strategic solar assets. Our plan is to build and support a leading portfolio of commercial, industrial and utility scale solar projects throughout North America and the Caribbean.

SOLARIS has the ability to provide cost effective technology to suit the demands of any solar project. Photovoltaic panels are not suitable for every project. SOLARIS designs multi platform systems using PV, solar thermal and concentrated solar technologies. We are not restricted to a limited portfolio of ideas. SOLARIS will design systems that deliver the highest returns and the highest productivity for their owners.

To maintain optimum performance, SOLARIS can provide ongoing O&M services delivered by highly qualified technical partners.

SOLARIS is committed to use best of class products at all times. Products from China are never used in any SOLARIS installation.


• Commercial and utility scale distributed energy systems.
• Feasibility Studies, Interconnect Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements
• Solar hot water systems for commercial and industrial processes.
• Off grid solar street lighting AND outdoor advertising (bill boards).
• Project design and EPC services.
• Project finance.
• Operation and maintenance agreements.


Any state, municipal or government agency, company, entity, developer, engineering and architectural firm or individuals with large or alternative renewable energy needs. SOLARIS clientele are those who are seeking to exit standard traditional, expensive electrical power and energy consumption. Its further objective is to target larger commercial clients with unstable and increasing energy costs, solar farm developers as well as corporate and college campuses, etc. In this regard, SOLARIS has already developed a set of strategic industry partnerships allowing it to handle this task from concept through completion and power-connect. It is the goal of SOLARIS to provide responsible planning and sound environmental solution which foster sustainable living and provide proven decreases in dependency from conventional carbon based energy sources and consumption.


SOLARIS offers solutions that are demanded by customers and are practical to implement and ensure that all of the solutions have positive economic considerations built into the respective model and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

SOLARIS has identified key objectives that it will pursue:

  • Proven cost-benefit analysis and environmental approaches to industrial/residential utility provided energy consumption and the stabilization of future energy costs. This objective is not dependent on government incentives or rebates but are flexible enough to take advantage of benefits that are provided from reduced installation costs and raising energy rates.
  • SOLARIS is intent on becoming a political driver of alternative energy initiatives in the United States.
  • Integrate our products into OFF GRID & Smart Grid concepts.
  • Reduce America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy.


Grid–tied Utility Scale Solar Electric Generation: This applies to the construction of the Photovoltaic systems that are designed to capture the sun’s ability to generate useable electric current. This division will focus on the numerous private and public electric utility providers within the United States.

Off-Grid Solar Electric Generation: This applies to the sale and installation of Photovoltaic systems that are designed to capture the sun’s ability to generate useable electric current. This process would enable customers to eliminate the need to be connected to public utilities for their electric needs. This is a highly sought after service for rural customers and agricultural applications

Stand Alone Solar Generators: This applies to the design and installation of self contained solar systems that used solar and ambient radiation to generate electric power around the clock and thus reduces (or eliminates) a buildings utility demand.

Municipal Energy Reduction: This service offers local municipalities the products and the information needed to reduce the energy consumed by lighting the streets and buildings of our towns and cities while simultaneously generating clean, renewable energy..

Custom Designs and Installations: This service is designed to support government and military applications. Solaris acts as a prototype and custom build partner with any Federal agency. This proprietary approach can be applied to large industrial applications as well.

General Consulting: This focuses on the clients need for accurate information, informed opinions and recommendations to specific areas of interest that are within the scope of our expertise.

SOLARIS Solar Division strategic partners:
Power-One, the world’s second largest provider of solar inverters and a critical piece of the supply chain in PV solar panel production. As one of the preeminent companies in its field, Power-One is uniquely positioned to provide the global product depth SOLARIS requires to maintain reliable fulfillment and orderly compliance with its contracts.

Power-One provides SOLARIS with the supervisory, review authority in superior electrical engineering expertise, to assure our clients of the most up to date and efficient technology in the design of their Solar installations. In addition, it has a premier advanced technology training and orientation program for certified supervisors and installers in the solar industry which SOLARIS takes full advantage of, to insure that SOLARIS continues having access to and being the recipient of these trained, top of the line solar certified personnel.

Power-One employs thousands of people worldwide and is certified to ISO standards at each of its global facilities. Power-One is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol PWER.

UniRac, another of SOLARIS Solar Division’s primary strategic partners, is the leader in the critical PV mounting market, utilizing industry-leading technology with a broad range of product solutions and services to accommodate any type of solar installation. In business since 1998, UniRac rigorously tests and guarantees each of its mounting systems, using in-house quality control assurance staffers as well as third party analysts and reviewers. UniRac will likewise act as the SOLARIS primary structural engineers to design each individual project mounting system to withstand all local environmental and EPA issues, i.e.: Hurricanes, high winds/sandstorms, rain, extreme heat and humidity, etc. With the vast majority of solar installations being in the tropics and sub-tropics, all SOLARIS panels are designed to specifically function with greater results in these regions unlike the slow deterioration and reduced energy output of silicon crystalline panels.

In addition to its strategic corporate partnerships, SOLARIS partners with individual experts in their respective geographies.  Under SOLARIS supervision and control, they  undertake the EPC, complete material supply, installation, servicing and maintenance for the solar installations contracted for and installed by SOLARIS. These local resources will include premier solar installers and local electrical contractors all vetted by the company as to their expertise, experience and reliability. All of these experts will possess any licenses, performance and maintenance bonding, permitting required by the jurisdictions in which the systems will be installed. By utilizing available local labor in performing these functions the company expects to realize significant savings in both expenditure and time as compared to the use of a centralized work force that would require expensive deployment to and provide them with adequate local housing for each installation site.


The choice of Florida as the company’s corporate home is intentional and not incidental. The state of Florida is an under-exploited market for PV power generation systems as are its Caribbean island neighbors, in addition to Mexico, Central and South America, all of whom are desperately seeking to convert to renewable energy sources. With 12 continual months of sunshine, the current PV power generation levels could rapidly increase 10 fold or more within the next 5 years according to industry experts. Texas, Nevada, Florida, California as well as many other cities and states are also projected to similarly increase their need for solar power systems over the same period.

The US domestic PV generation footprint for 2008 was 367MW and grew to 485MW through 2009. Based on industry observations, the 2010 numbers were expected to reach 1GW for the first time The actual numbers, as per PV Magazine, Solar Buzz and Renewable Energy Focus all being the industry leading experts are: USA PV installed for 2010 was 1650 MW, for 2011 was 1855 MW and domestic PV generation for 2012 is estimated to reach 2400 MW’s. The worldwide Solar PV generation for 2009 was 7.3 GW, for 2010 it was 11.86 GW, for 2011 it was 21 GW and for 2012 it is predicted to be in excess of 26 GW.

At the sixth annual “Global Solar Demand Conference” held in Munich, Germany on June 12, 2012, the current status and future trends for solar power worldwide was internationally assessed.  The conference was attended by over 1,000 of the solar industries leaders and experts. The interactive conference focuses on the solar demand dynamics in the world’s major and emerging PV markets.

At this year’s conference one major consensus emerged, that if the current worldwide demand for solar was to be implemented in one year, demand would dramatically exceed all existing global solar panel production capabilities. Interestingly, some major topics at the conference were, “USA: The Sleeping Giant is Awakening”, “The Potential for Solar PV in Latin America”, “Japan, How its Move Away from Nuclear, Helps Solar PV” and “China, No longer Just Supply”.

The timing of the above referenced subject matter at the recent “Global Solar Demand Conference” in Munich “June 2012” namely: “USA: The Sleeping Giant is Awakening,“ is indicative that the entire US is going in the direction of Solar energy generation as the preferred and predominate means of new electric power generation.

The inferior Chinese Government subsidized solar panels have proven to be inefficient and unacceptable. The US has recently imposed exorbitant import duties on these solar panels so as to discourage their importation and use in the US. Nuclear power plants are quickly becoming a thing of the past-being phased out and shut down with NO new nuclear power plants designated for future construction. Japan has already taken the lead, mandating that all of their solar panel manufacturers immediately cancel any export orders, with the Japanese Government sequestering all existing solar panel inventory and future solar panel production, requiring that they be used solely for Japan’s domestic power production needs (Nuclear Energy Replacement Program).

The demand for solar is growing at a faster pace than the present worldwide solar industry can possibly or reasonably expect to produce!

With the ongoing rise and instability in fossil fuel prices, with their being no apparent signs of this abating anytime soon, with the closings world wide of nuclear and coal burning power plants, the company believes it to be the optimal time and opportunity to leverage this situation. SOLARIS will provide easy and reliable access to environmentally friendly and cost effective alternatives to the current power generation technologies that currently dominate the world. There has never been a better business climate than currently exists for the propagation and growth of the solar panel generation industry and SOLARIS is now geared up for and intent on capitalizing on this unique and timely opportunity.

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